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China sugar monthly market report
2014-08-05China sugar monthly market report

Sugar price shall fluctuate at a high level in the near future.   The first auction of the national sugar reserve was concluded on December 10 th , all the listed 207,445.69 tons of sugar were transacted. The starting price was 4000 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price was 5130 yuan/ton for the company warehouse of Hebei Province, and the lowest was 4760 yuan/ton for Niekou Warehouse, Hubei Province. After this, sugar price stopped rising temporarily.   The 2 nd auction of the national sugar reserve was concluded on December 21 st , and the total transaction volume recorded 288,200 tons. The highest transaction price was 4860 yuan/ton for the direct warehouse in Qingdao, Shandong, and the ...

China Fruit & Vegetable Monthly Report
2014-08-05China Fruit & Vegetable Monthly Report

The processing of fruits has been shifting towards the competitive fruit processing belts in recent years. Of which, the processing of dehydrated fruits is mainly along the Southeastern coastal provinces, Ningxia and Gansu in the Northwest; production of canned fruits and processing of frozen fruits are in Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. From the perspective of establishment of bases, there are two concentrated apple juice processing bases, i.e., one along the Bohai Bay (Shandong, Liaoning and Hebei) and another one on the Loess Plateau in the Northwest (Shaanxi, Shanxi and Henan), there is the peach syrup processing base in North China, the concentrated tropical fruit (pineapple, mango and banana) juice and condensed syru...

China Food Additive Market Report
2014-08-05China Food Additive Market Report

Benzoic Acid Exports in Nov.   L-arabinose Exported to Japan   Molecular Distillation Monoglyceride Project in Guangdong   Government to Curb Vitamin C Capacity Expansion   Anthocyanin Project Put into Operation in Hubei   Food Additive Imports & Exports in Nov.  BOABC Insights 1 News Flash 1 1.1 Food Additive Industry’s News Update & Policy Review 1 1.2 Monthly Review of Major Food Additive Enterprises’ Development 1 1.3 New Technology & New Product 2 Food Additive Industry’s Development 2 2.1 Preservatives??? Antioxidants & Freshness Agents 2 Benzoic Acid Exports in Nov. 2 2.2 Flavor-...

China Dairy Monthly Report
2014-08-05China Dairy Monthly Report

During the month,  main milk producing provinces and autonomous regions in China stepped up the transition of raw milk production to scaled,  intensive,  quality and efficiency production. The national raw milk supply was insufficient due to the growing consumption demand and the demand from the powder processing industry,  raw milk prices kept on moving up in the main producing regions,  and lots of places saw historical records of milk price. Various places actively explore new dairy farming modes for the sake of improving farming efficiency. Various places paced up the promulgation and implementation of new dairy development policies for the sake of constant and healthy development of the local dairy industry...

China Soft Drink Monthly Report
2014-08-05China Soft Drink Monthly Report

There were 41 foreign invested projects in the first half of 2009,  totaling 611.4750 million US dollars. The investments were in drinking water in bottles and barrels,  fruit/vegetable juices and drinks,  milk drinks and plant protein drinks,  tea drinks and other types of soft drinks.   A research team carried out a field study on consumption of Zero Degree Coca Cola of young consumers in mainland China,  especially college students.   Dongguan,  Guangdong,  the main importing region of coffee with theine and without roasting,  imported 1, 257 tons in October 2009,  up 142.05% from the same period of 2008.   The FOB price of apple juice (Brix?20°) was 866 US dollars/t...