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Name: China Food Additive Market Report
Origin: CHINA
Model No: 3721
Post Date: 2014-08-05 11:25:41
Expiry Date: 2014-11-03 11:25:41
Currency: USD
Product Description
China Food Additive Market Report:
Benzoic Acid Exports in Nov.
  L-arabinose Exported to Japan
  Molecular Distillation Monoglyceride Project in Guangdong
  Government to Curb Vitamin C Capacity Expansion
  Anthocyanin Project Put into Operation in Hubei
  Food Additive Imports & Exports in Nov.
 BOABC Insights 1
News Flash 1
1.1 Food Additive Industry’s News Update & Policy Review 1
1.2 Monthly Review of Major Food Additive Enterprises’ Development 1
1.3 New Technology & New Product 2
Food Additive Industry’s Development 2
2.1 Preservatives??? Antioxidants & Freshness Agents 2
Benzoic Acid Exports in Nov. 2
2.2 Flavor-Enhancers 3
L-arabinose Exported to Japan 3
2.3 Thickening, Stabilizing & Texture-modifying Agents 3
Molecular Distillation Monoglyceride Project in Guangdong 3
2.4 Nutritional Fortification Substances 3
Government to Curb Vitamin C Capacity Expansion 3
Arachidonic Acid Plant Completed in Hubei 4
2.5 Food Colorants 4
Anthocyanin Project Put Into Operation in Hubei 4
2.6 Food Flavors 4
China’s Essential Oil Imports & Exports in Nov., 2009 4
Market Price of Food Additives 5
3.1 Market Price of Preservatives, Antioxidants & Freshness Agents 5
3.2 Market Price of Flavour-enhancers 5
3.3 Market Price of Thickening, Stabilizing & Texture-modifying Agents 6
3.4 Market Price of Nutritional Fortification Substances 7
3.5 Market Price of Food Colorants 7
3.6 Market Price of Flavours 7
Food Additive Imports & Exports 8
4.1 Food Additive Imports & Exports 8
Food Additive Imports in Nov. 8
F4.2 Food Additive Imports & Exports by Enterprises 10
Exports of Chinese Sorbitol by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 10
Exports of Chinese Benzoic Acid, its Salts & Esters by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 11
Exports of Chinese Carboxymethylcellulose and its Salts by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 11
Exports of Chinese Citric Acid by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 12
Exports of Chinese Vitamin C by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 12
Exports of Chinese Vitamin E by Enterprises in Nov., 2009 13
Food Additive Consumption 13
Food Additive Consumption for Different Food Products 13ood Additive Exports in Nov. 9
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